Thursday, October 16, 2014

Scooter Ponders.

Hey everypup ~Scooter here~

Have you missed me?  I've been snarfing on MEATZ™ and enjoying the summer in Seattle.

Good thing we pups are small.

Going the Speed of Light.
However what I am really here to discuss is what is in my cranium bobbling around.

Who "OWNS" it better?







I'm photo bombing Queen Misty.

Please tally your votes below.  Pawsonally I think I've slanted this post in my favor.  BOL.

Sniff at ya later ~Scooter~

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Scooter Ponders.

Hey everypup ~Scooter here~

I've been I often do.  I may be a dog of very small brain, but that just means that ALL of it works.  BOL.

Which is worse?




I'm on the fence on this one pups.  BOL, errrr I mean BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK BARK.

Let me know which annoys you the most.

Sniff at ya later ~Scooter~

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Random Thoughts on a Random Day.

Hey everypup ~Scooter here~

*Yawn* oh, Hi.  Sorry about that pups - we've been out of interweb service because somepups Mom was "going to town" on the Wisteria out front.  So far into "town" she ended up whacking the interweb cable apart.  A couple times....apparently it was a very stubborn "vine" that cable was.

Anyhoo - I just have some random pictures to share and not much of a formed theme so just sit back in the lazy boy and enjoy.

This tasty morsel was from when Mom was in Phoenix.  Kahlua pork wontons, Eggroll, Asian salad.
Not a doggy bag was packed for our bellehs.
Also entirely home made.

Work offices look the same, especially when it is raining outside.
Except for the tall buildings, this could be Mom's office in Seattle.
Looking from Kowloon towards Hong Kong.
 Hey sexy lady, what are you doing in the hotel lobby?

Hey lady - what happened to your head, arms and legs?

Mom says she looked, but never did figure out what this lady was staring at.

After a very full day visiting 2 factories, Mom said she was too pooped to deal with eating in a fancy place.  So she had a fancy meal sent to her room.  Those fries....Amazing.  That burger...more like meatloaf, but still eaten.  That little square in the left corner - strawberry cheesecake....Yummy.
Bodka Dwip™ in the upper right corner.
That is real wonder she had to sign something saying
she would call the waiter when it was ready for pick up.

 Scaffolding as you have never seen before.  Made out of bamboo.  Even the green building to the right is still being built.  That's all bamboo with just a mesh covering surrounding it.  Safety rules are a little different.

A sentiment for anywhere public!

See that polka dotted flash in the lower right corner?
That's an old lady rushing to get in the middle of Mom's picture.

Not sure what this couple is looking at either.

Wash this plane window.  

Heading out to the tarmac.  
 Thanks Hong Kong.  We're headed back to home, it was another fun trip.

Sure you are on a plane Mom.

Sure, complain that the tray is practically on your belleh.
Sounds like it has faster access that way.  BOL.
Is that Bodka Dwip™ up there I see?

Don't worry, it just as fuzzy
on a bigger size.

Things not to pay attention to only 2 hours into the flight.
 You'd think we were so much closer to Vancouver, BC before the puddle jumper to Seattle.  We've obviously made some progress since we've turned a corner.
Bring on the Pacific Northwest air smell.

Arggghhhhhh.  Well at least we made up 1 minute.  At this rate.....
That might be a whole 1/2 hour early.

I think I can see the North Pole.

Time for some breakfast.
 OMD!  I feel a bit worn out after all that adventure.  I think I need to head back to the ScooterChair™ and take another nap.

Sniff Snore at ya later ~Scooter~

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hong Kong at Night.

Hey everypup ~Scooter here~

I hear it was a balmy-sticky-steamy-sniffunderarmpitsnottahtmomdidanyofthatatall-week long trip Mom was in Hong Kong for.  Me, I wasn't there so who cares.

This is a picture from the Star Terminal and Mom says she used to stay in the hotel right next door. This time she was around the corner and a block down the street.  Oh, and look to the left in Hong Kong when you cross the street, and expect no mercy as a pedestrian.

Here is a cruise ship next to the Star Terminal.
The Lurve Boat.
Mom has fond memories of a concert / beer fest the last time she was in Hong Kong.  Up there to the right of the cruise ship is a parking lot they sometimes turn into a party venue.  Since she was staying at the hotel she had access and free beers and the ability to go back to her own room to use the bathroom (except it was a very long walk and room service food before going back up for more free beer).

Here is a view looking to the left of the cruise ship and looking at Star Terminal.

Looking out toward Hong Kong from Kowloon.
Then there are these crazy guys during all the frenzy of the World Cup.  Who knew "Soccer" aka Football was so popular?  BOL.

Check out these guys.
This guy.

And this guy.

And that guy - and the little guy that wouldn't get out of the picture.

This guy too.

Then this guy.
Every where you look at night is neon and light shows.

See that spot - somewhere up there???  Perhaps to the left a bit - that's where Mom was
the day before - up at The Peak.

 And for laughs, we leave you with this fun sign.  Careful what you wish for.  BOL.
Mom says she'd "redraw" her personal loan to a zero balance.
So pups - want to go into southern China and see what Mom kind of does for a living?  Or do you want to see more boring pictures of buildings and flowers?  Flowers and buildings I couldn't even pretend to pee on if I wanted to.

Sniff at ya later.


Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Peak.

Hey everypup - Scooter here~

Want to go to The Peak with Mom while she was in Hong Kong last week?  It's way up on top of a hill above Hong Kong and you take a tram up the steep hill.  The seats are built so that even if you are leaning back at what would be a 45 or so degree angle you are sitting straight up as you go up the hill.

Entrance to The Peak Tram.

It had just stopped raining, but was still hot and humid.  

Leaning over people to take a shot while riding up the tram.  It was very "cozy" during the ride.  

I think this is a restaurant.

Are you scared?
Overlooking Kowloon.  Mom's hotel is somewhere behind the lion's neck.

Now are you scared?

How about now???
 Funny side note - Mom's been typing on her phone or Kindle and had to look at the laptop keyboard to figure out where ??? was located.  Jetlag.
Taken from The Peak looking down toward Kowloon.
Mom's office building is way over to the upper right - ish area.

A "very rich person" lives here according to our gang from the office.
I'd love to have coffee in the mornings there.

Well lookie here...Can she never get away from WORK?
Here's the tram to go back down the hill.
 After she came down from The Peak, it was off to see another store before going to dinner.  A walk through the park on the way wildlife was seen.
Hippo out of living plants.

Turtles are for good luck.

Baby turtles too.

Along the garden walk.

Once again WORK is around the corner.
After that Mom went to dinner with the WORK folks with some owners of some factories.

Let us know if you want to see more pictures and stories from the far East.

Sniff at ya later ~Scooter~