Monday, July 7, 2014

Hong Kong at Night.

Hey everypup ~Scooter here~

I hear it was a balmy-sticky-steamy-sniffunderarmpitsnottahtmomdidanyofthatatall-week long trip Mom was in Hong Kong for.  Me, I wasn't there so who cares.

This is a picture from the Star Terminal and Mom says she used to stay in the hotel right next door. This time she was around the corner and a block down the street.  Oh, and look to the left in Hong Kong when you cross the street, and expect no mercy as a pedestrian.

Here is a cruise ship next to the Star Terminal.
The Lurve Boat.
Mom has fond memories of a concert / beer fest the last time she was in Hong Kong.  Up there to the right of the cruise ship is a parking lot they sometimes turn into a party venue.  Since she was staying at the hotel she had access and free beers and the ability to go back to her own room to use the bathroom (except it was a very long walk and room service food before going back up for more free beer).

Here is a view looking to the left of the cruise ship and looking at Star Terminal.

Looking out toward Hong Kong from Kowloon.
Then there are these crazy guys during all the frenzy of the World Cup.  Who knew "Soccer" aka Football was so popular?  BOL.

Check out these guys.
This guy.

And this guy.

And that guy - and the little guy that wouldn't get out of the picture.

This guy too.

Then this guy.
Every where you look at night is neon and light shows.

See that spot - somewhere up there???  Perhaps to the left a bit - that's where Mom was
the day before - up at The Peak.

 And for laughs, we leave you with this fun sign.  Careful what you wish for.  BOL.
Mom says she'd "redraw" her personal loan to a zero balance.
So pups - want to go into southern China and see what Mom kind of does for a living?  Or do you want to see more boring pictures of buildings and flowers?  Flowers and buildings I couldn't even pretend to pee on if I wanted to.

Sniff at ya later.



  1. Very cool pictures! Gotta say, dem soccer dudes are lookin pretty skinny-legged to me, I fink dey needs to beef up if dey wanna win.

    And I'd luv to see da pictures of China and da flowers and buildings and stuff!

  2. Great piccies! How do those soccer doods stay up? An whut wuz that lil guy's name? Bol!

    I vote fur China an anything else yu got.