Sunday, January 26, 2014

Not Much Get's Me Up.

Hey everypup ~Scooter here~

Well today started out later than it was supposed to.  Not for me.  For the rest of the Papillons and Mom.  It's Saturday so Mom likes to "sleep in" which to Cutter means 1/2 hour later than Mom normally gets up.  Mom says this is not considered "sleeping in", more "over sleeping".

A Dog Can Never Have Too Many Pillows.

We all headed out to the frosty ground to take care of Privacy Please time and headed back in for our morning SNACK.  Everypup should get one if you ask me.  I pawsonally ask Mom to lift me back up onto the bed so I can enjoy mine in the morning.  Take your chances though, because Misty is already up there making crumbs on Mom's pillow.  BOL.

Mom "puttered" around.  Which is nothing like what it sounds like.  To me "puttered" sounds just like what I do after having to take a bath.  Share my misery of wetness with the walls I'm closest to!!
Wait until I get on the couch!

Mom made her wake up juice (heavy on the cream) and decided to make some breakfast.  Don't worry, she cooked it after staging her photo.  BOL.
Put a smile in your day!

Mom said things like "tasty", "yum yum", "boy this is delicious" and other tortuous stuff, then got up and walked to the kitchen sink.  Not even a taste or crumb dropped on the floor.  This dog thinks we got gypped!

Then Mom looked out the kitchen window to our backyard and told me, Scooter, to go check it out.  Thinking it would be the EVIL NEMESIS SQUIRREL or perhaps EVIL CROWS I raced to the door.

My butt fell under my shoulders as I screeched to a halt.  Mustering up my barking might I proceeded to BARK that there were INTRUDER DOGS INTRUDER DOGS INTRUDER DOGS, and the rest of the Papillon Pack backed me up, gave me high fives for being so alert and I might possibly be up for the keys to the house or something soon.  BOL.

That is not where the story ends though.  We know these dogs.  They live on the other side of the fence.  Once before they broke through and visited.  Lola is the barker, wears pink, and a good gust of wind would blow her over.  Think Piglet & Pooh Bear.  Except for the barking, that's Lola.  Lucy, not to be confused w/ our Lucy Kitteh of the Garage, never barks even when all 4 of us are peeking through the cracks of the wood fence talking smack.  Tall, lanky, agile, and of the Shepherd silhouette.

Lola and Lucy (not the Kitteh) saw Mom and headed back up the hill to the fence.  Mom put on her garden boots and decided now was a good enough time to do yard clean up since it had been a couple days and see what was happening up at the top of the hill.  What we found was a hole dug under the fence.  Not sure who did it...*Cutter*.  She also discovered she'd walked in some Privacy Please deposit and had to clean her shoes off.  Unfortunately instinct hit it and she tried to scrape it off on the side of the deck.  Even more to clean up.  BOL.  Watch your step Mom.

Guess what else we found.  Lucy (not the Kitteh).  Laying in the sunshine garden spot.  Lola had already skeedaddled under the fence and was giving us a piece of mind for trying to make friends with Lucy (not the Kittey).  Mom couldn't get close to her, but I sure could.  Mom figured if she went back in the house and let things settle maybe she would be able to fix the hole under the fence.

Meanwhile I stayed out and made my moves on Lucy (not the Kitteh).  I was showing her how cute I am, how I can spin around and still be cute at all angles.
See the Cuteness.

Then Lucy (not the Kitteh) showed me how cute she was and that tall lanky dog stepped on me.  So I did what any small dog would do and got all up in her face demanding she leave my yard now or I'd have to go back inside.  Well, I ended up going back inside....because sleep was calling me.
Yard Patrol can be exhausting.

Mom went left to go take care of errands thinking the Lucy (not the Kitteh) would go back home.  When she got back home a few hours later, we still had a visitor.  Not the Kitteh was up in the corner by the hole enjoying the sunshine and chillin'.  Mom let us all out thinking we might scare Lucy (not the Kittey) back under the hole so we could block it.  Not going to happen, Lucy (not the Kitteh) did the shake-and-bake and Mom gave up.

This is where Mom took me and Misty out for a WALK to see if the neighbors across the fence were home.  She even carried a note with info that Lucy (not the Kitteh) was in our yard and our phone number.  Just after we got back after knocking on the door, taping the note and walking down around the hill to our house we got a phone call.

Lucy's (not the Kitteh) Mom called asking if we still had the dog.  Mom was so happy thinking we could have Lucy (not the Kitteh) go back home and fill in the hole.  Sadly, Lucy (not the Kitteh) was in our yard by the corner fence because Lola snuck under that fence it seems.

That was yesterday around noon.  Lola is a small dog....and has short hair.  Last night there was frost on the ground that we woke up to.

Mom knew Lola didn't show up last night because we would have heard her.  This morning Lola's little human girl called because we'd left our number the day before asking if we'd seen a little dog.  Knowing Lola hadn't been barking at 6:30 am (yes the heathen) we knew she was still missing.  Mom told her she hadn't seen or heard her since yesterday but that if she made it through our fence there was a way for a very small dog to make it out a section of one of our yard fences.

Do you have the "sads" yet?

This morning Mom went to the store of wonderful things that get put away in the fridge.  All the way she looked for Lola.  No Lola.

After doing some more "puttering" Mom decided she had some mail to put in the mailbox.  She saw a very small dark dog running across the street at the very bottom of the street.  Also, a car was driving very slow (can a car have a concerned look?) behind this very small dog running.

Mom ran into the house, grabbed the nearest car keys and ran outside.  She got to the bottom of our hill and saw a little dog running in the middle of the road up towards our elementary school.  She had pulled over and yelled LOLA and the little dog kind of turned around, but a car was right behind it so it kept running.  At this point everyone driving down the road is going slow and watching this little dog run up a huge hill.  Mom got back into the car because she still thought it might be Lola, because how she turned around when her name was called.  That also helped because at least 5 cars slowed down as the little dog ran up the road in the middle.

Course Mom had gotten back into the car and was now stuck behind cars going slow and wanted to honk her horn, but never does.  BOL.  Then the little dog ran into the elementary school playground.  Cars swarmed from the front entrance and Mom pulled up by the side entrance.  A young man was running up the hill trying to slow cars down and warn them about the dog.  Mom asked him if that was Lola and the young guy said no, he thought it was a puppy and his owner was just down the hill.  Mom says she knew of another little black dog that was missing in the area, but would try and help in any way.

Little dog outmaneuvered at least 8 humans and escaped down the road again.  Mom ran to her car and got in behind the little dog as it ran and ran.  Thinking eventually it would run out of steam she followed it with her hazards on and 3 other cars behind making sure things went well.  At the top of the hill where the road is for Lola's house Mom swung wide to "herd" the little dog onto the side street, and the little dog took the bait.  Off she went off the busy street with 4 cars following her as fast as her little dog legs could go.

Mom was correct thinking it was Lola she saw running past our street at the bottom of the hill.  Lola ran right up to the front door.  Mom not sure still if it was Lola, threw the car in Park (which she says is more dramatic in an automatic than putting your car into first gear in a manual) and frantically tried to get the seat belt off.  Mom grabbed the keys for her Mom's car which was parked outside.

She ran up into the front yard and Lola's dad came out and asked what was going on.....

Mom huffed to him - have you seen Lola?

Lola's dad asked "do you have her"?

Mom asked if that was her huddling in the corner.

Lola's dad said yes, picked her up and walked into the house.

And that's how Mom saved Lola dog and got no thank you.

Sniff at ya later ~Scooter~

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Scooter's Wisdom & Sleuthing.

Hey everypup ~Scooter here~

Fortune Cookie Proverb:  Resting IS as important as working hard!

Keeping the floor clean

As you can see I'm hard at work making sure nothing falls underneath me in my section of the floor.

It's working because I see no tumbleweeds of dog hair floating around .  BOL.

Shade approaching from behind and the front!

I was asleep, but the pupparazzi decided to sneak up on me.  I'm trying to make sure the shade doesn't encroach upon my sleeping spot, but it looks like it is trying to grab my paw.  I'll have to move soon.

Moving will be more hard work.

Pawfectly shaped chair.

Working on ultimate dog snoozing technique form.

It takes so much energy to keep the shape of this chair just right.  Saps the strength right out of you.

See, I'm trying to crush Pepper under the cushion.  BOL.

Chair +  Ottoman = Unique.

In case you need some pup in charge of your work environment...I have my own snoopervisor chair.

This is the Scooter Chair.  I use the ottoman to sleep on, sit up and beg, bark at Squirrels, watch Mom in either room, did I mention sleep on?

For fun I will sleep on the chair to mix it up.

Adventurous if you ask me.


Making sure the Magic Blanket will not fly away!

It only works if you put a quarter in the pinball machine behind my head.  BOL

Just step over.

My supreme rule over sleeping will work in the end!  Protecting the most traveled path.  Forcing others to choose another choice one to the right or left.

You'll thank me for deflecting the wear and tear.  Sorry about that bruise on your hip from walking into your own table taking this picture.  BOL.

Can you see how hard I work all day long?  I need a break!

Sniff at ya later ~Scooter~

Ok pups - sleuth this out.  What word is used consistently?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Funny, not Funny!

Hey everypup ~Scooter here~

For all my Dogster and new pup pals.  Here's a funny, but not really funny.

Don't go Dogster Dog - they are going to take you out back and pull and Ol' Yeller on you!!

Sniff at ya later ~Scooter~

Sunday, January 19, 2014

It's Beginning to Smell A Bit Like Dinner!

Hey everypup ~Scooter here~

Mom got up early for a weekend day.  I chose to stay in bed.  Who gets up when it is still dark out?  Not Mom for long.  She banged stuff around in the kitchen.  Cutter went outside to the "morning wood tree" where we boys take care of privacy please in the wee hours.  BOL,  Pepper hesitated and then headed back to bed.

Mom says she started with this.

I slept through this part.

Except this is not a picture from today where it cold, grey and foggy outside.

All that up there, somehow ended up a little like this.
No whisking and chopping at the same time pups.

See the chiggen and red hot wing sauce w/ tomato sauce!

This happened while I was still in bed sleeping.  I did tell you that it was still dark outside right?  Not fog grey the sun has been up for hours dark.  Dark as in the sun is still saying hello to the Central Time Zone very gently.  Who gets up at that time when the bed is still all warm and snuggly?  Not this pup!  I'll catch up to you in 5 hours or so.

Buffalo Chiggen Lasagna.

This is where Mom plugged in the slow cooker, dropped the lid over it and came back to bed.  After all sleeping is best when it is dark out still.

It's been bubbling and simmering for hours and starting to smell wonderful.
Can you smell it?

Just a little bit longer and we will have a great dish for the day.

Anypup out there want to join me for some great food?
Sniff at ya later ~Scooter~

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Soggy and Damp.

Hey everypup ~Scooter here~

January is soggy and it isn't very warm outside so the chill goes right to your bones.  Good thing I have a warm blanket on my Scooter chair to keep me comfortable.  I'm sure you all wish you could while away the days like I do.

Our lounge around waiting for the next crow to fly by.

Ultra comfy with 2 pillows on the couch.

When I need to patrol the front yard this is the position I take.

Except I notice the curtains are closed.  So need to keep very vigilant.

Sniff at ya later ~Scooter~

Friday, January 17, 2014

My Own Page!

Hey everypup ~Scooter here~

Even though it may be a pain for Mom, we've decided we will all have our own blog pages.  How else will anyone know when they get an update that it is for me?  Besides, my sister Misty is so grumpy all the time she just growls at you if you even look at her page.  Girl should take a chill pill for sure.

Mom has 2 more accounts to set up and then has to update our pup pals on Dogster.  We'll keep everyone posted so we don't loose too many pals and humans when Dogster closes shop.

Until then - here is a cute picture of me just chilling out.

Sniff at ya later ~Scooter~