Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Peak.

Hey everypup - Scooter here~

Want to go to The Peak with Mom while she was in Hong Kong last week?  It's way up on top of a hill above Hong Kong and you take a tram up the steep hill.  The seats are built so that even if you are leaning back at what would be a 45 or so degree angle you are sitting straight up as you go up the hill.

Entrance to The Peak Tram.

It had just stopped raining, but was still hot and humid.  

Leaning over people to take a shot while riding up the tram.  It was very "cozy" during the ride.  

I think this is a restaurant.

Are you scared?
Overlooking Kowloon.  Mom's hotel is somewhere behind the lion's neck.

Now are you scared?

How about now???
 Funny side note - Mom's been typing on her phone or Kindle and had to look at the laptop keyboard to figure out where ??? was located.  Jetlag.
Taken from The Peak looking down toward Kowloon.
Mom's office building is way over to the upper right - ish area.

A "very rich person" lives here according to our gang from the office.
I'd love to have coffee in the mornings there.

Well lookie here...Can she never get away from WORK?
Here's the tram to go back down the hill.
 After she came down from The Peak, it was off to see another store before going to dinner.  A walk through the park on the way wildlife was seen.
Hippo out of living plants.

Turtles are for good luck.

Baby turtles too.

Along the garden walk.

Once again WORK is around the corner.
After that Mom went to dinner with the WORK folks with some owners of some factories.

Let us know if you want to see more pictures and stories from the far East.

Sniff at ya later ~Scooter~


  1. I'd luv to see more - it are really cool to see somewheres me and momma has never been!

  2. Us Beaglebratz r new tue your bloggie - HOWDY! - we wood LOVE tue c more pikchurez. Our mom an'us never goez anywhere much at all.
    Shiloh'n Diva Shasta

  3. Well, ob corse we wanna see more!! An' gess whut! My Dadda haba a Tommy 'Ahama bathin' soote! Imagine dose odds!!

  4. More! More! More!! Your Momma takes such cool pictures and it's so neat to see Hong Kong!! We'll probably nevfur go there ourselves!